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Hike and Bike

You can stick to the roads, or explore the hills, coastline and beaches. Wherever you go, Barra offers beautiful views and sites of interest. The island's highest point is Heaval (383m). If you're reasonably fit, you can walk up to the top. Just head east on the road from Castlebay to Brevic and you'll see the lower slopes on your left.

A stone's throw from Crofters is Cille Bharra where you'll find the remains of St Barr's medieval church, and there's a good article on prehistoric Barra over at

Try and make time for a trip across the causeway to Vatersay. You can hire bikes in Castlebay (tel: 01871 810284), bring a packed lunch and spend the day exploring Vatersay's quiet little spots including the Catalina and Annie Jane monuments.

There's a list of walks here, and some notes on points of interest here but if time is short, or you're the sort of person that likes a guide to show you around, have a look at Barra Island Tours.

Here are some nice views looking over the islands. From Eoligarry, the island of Eriskay is a short hop across the water, with a causeway link from there to South Uist.

Island Highlights

There are so many reasons to make Barra your next holiday destination but here are just a few...

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